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Gappy Teeth

Spacing Issue


Gaps between teeth may be caused in different ways:

  • Large frenum – if the band of gum between your upper central teeth is unusually large, this can cause the two front teeth on either side to push apart, leading to a gap between your central incisors.  This frenum size can be reduced and then the teeth can be pushed back together with orthodontics.
  • Small teeth – teeth that are disproportionately small in comparison to your jaw can mean that the jaw provides more room than the teeth need.  Small teeth can be aligned with braces or clear aligners. We can then work with your local dentist to build up the size of your teeth so you can have a beautiful smile in proportion to your face.
  • Missing teeth – you may have been born without certain teeth, or you may have lost a tooth. Both situations can lead to gaps between the teeth.  If your child has lost a baby tooth too early, then the surrounding teeth may push together and prevent the new adult tooth from emerging. Baby teeth act as anchors, protecting the space for future adult teeth. If your child has lost a baby tooth too early please contact us immediately so we can assess whether an early intervention to prevent future crowding is necessary.

For an example of gaps between teeth corrected at Gentle Touch Orthodontics please click here.


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