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Impacted Teeth

Impacted Teeth

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Sometimes an adult or baby tooth can remain hidden below the gum line and can only be identified with an x-ray. That’s why we strongly encourage parents to not wait until all of their child’s adult teeth have come though before they seek an orthodontic consultation. Often we need to intervene to make room for hidden teeth which have become stuck and will not come through with orthodontic help.

For an example of upper canine teeth that were impacted and coming through on the palate and then corrected via orthodontics back into the right position click here.

Wisdom teeth come through in early adulthood. Some people have enough room in their mouth for the adult teeth to erupt through, some people are born without wisdom teeth and some people have what is called ‘impacted’ wisdom teeth. This is when the wisdom tooth is stuck under the gums. Normally orthodontic treatment can proceed prior to the extraction of wisdom teeth. But in severe impacted cases, we may advise you to have your wisdom teeth removed either during or before orthodontics. Sometimes orthodontic treatment can make room for the wisdom teeth so please make an orthodontic consultation with our practice before you decide to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Impacted Tooth treatment Adelaide

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