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Orthodontist Over Dentist

Why Choose Orthodontist Over Dentist for Straight Teeth?

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Orthodontists are specialists whose entire time is dedicated to straightening teeth and aligning jaws. Orthodontists do not conduct any other type of dental work besides orthodontics, making them the expert in the area of straightening teeth. General dentists treat patients for other things such as fillings, cleans, crowns etc.

All specialist Orthodontists have a thorough understanding of dentistry as they have already completed a bachelor degree in dentistry (to become a dentist) and have at least 2 years of practice as a dentist. After this they have completed an additional 3 years of full time postgraduate study at university to receive specialist qualifications.

Dr Balya Sriram is a board-certified specialist orthodontist. She has completed a 5 year bachelors degree, 6 years of general dental practice, 3 years of specialist post-graduate training and a further 7 years of specialist orthodontic practice giving her a total or 21 years industry experience!

We recommend you see a dentist every 6 months always but you see an orthodontist to assess your bite, alignment of your teeth and position of your jaws. Everybody needs both a dentist and an orthodontist. You often only get one lot of orthodontic treatment in your lifetime. Trust building your smile with a Specialist Orthodontist.

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