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You only have one set of teeth and often just one opportunity to claim with your private health fund. If you are going to invest in your teeth, you might as well get it right the first time, without any compromise to your final result. You’ve probably heard of the new fad of getting your orthodontic invisible aligners through the post. You may believe their service is cheaper because they are cutting out the office visits. But the truth to the business profit model is that the clear aligners provided by mail order companies do not use the advanced technology and personalized care that comes with seeing a specialist orthodontist. That’s where their business saves themselves money, by offering a product with less treatment options and less personal service. There is also very little long-term evidence that these treatment results will retain.

Treatment directly with a specialist can be convenient as visits normally go for only 10 minutes and only happen about every 6-8 weeks at our St Clair or Rose Park clinics. With advanced clear aligners such as Invisalign, your visits may be even further apart. But the advantage of seeing the specialist is that they can personally monitor the progress and health of your teeth in real time, plus we can perform more comprehensive treatment options such as attachments for aligners, polishing between the teeth to allow for more advance movements in crowded cases and we can personally check how you are feeling during the treatment and provide personal answers to any concerns you may have.

Comparing 6 months of treatment with a mail order company is not the same as 6 months of treatment with a Specialist Orthodontic practice. A Specialist Orthodontist practice will achieve a much more comprehensive and quicker outcome in 6 months compared to 6 months of treatment with mail-order aligners. Plus, you get a doctor that you can see with Australian board-certified qualifications! So, whilst it may seem that you are getting a cheaper price for the same treatment, the reality is that you are paying for a less advanced treatment appliance and a slower result.


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