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Orthodontics With Jaw Surgery For Adults

Dramatic Results In Adelaide That Last A Lifetime


As an adult braces can straighten your teeth but the final look is limited by the foundation in which you teeth sit – your jaws! If you’ve got a severe orthodontic problem, your jaws could be in the wrong position or simply too narrow to house a beautiful big smile. Jaw surgery (called Orthognathic surgery) gets to the real reason why your face, profile or smile isn’t as perfect as it could be. By aligning your jaws, or widening your arch, we are setting an ideal foundation for your face. By far, this treatment is the most loved by our patients and our staff because the results are absolutely life-changing. So if you missed the boat as a child to have an orthodontist guide the growth of your jaws, don’t worry – it’s not too late to get your best smile!


Jaw Surgery Case Studies

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