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Seeing an Orthodontist for Early Intervention

August 3, 2021

Choosing your braces colours makes braces look much more stylish plus it’s lots of fun. But how do you choose the best braces colour for you? We’ll talk through the main things to consider when choosing your braces colours

Are braces colours just for metal braces?
Braces colours aren’t just for those people wearing metal braces. They are also a great option for ceramic and clear braces. Many people actually have clear ceramic braces on their top teeth but need to have metal braces on their bottom teeth (as clear braces on the bottom teeth can sometimes cause damage to the top teeth when you bite downwards). So whether you have clear or metal braces, colours are definitely an option for you at Gentle Touch Orthodontics.

What are braces colours?
The braces colour is a rubber tie that wraps around each braces bracket to hold the wire into place. At Gentle Touch you’ll have the option to change your braces colours every time you see us for an appointment, which is about every 6 to 8 weeks. The braces colour is made from a BPA free rubber. It’s very flexible and stretches over your braces bracket much like a small elastic band.

Can I keep the same braces colours for my whole treatment time?
You can keep the same braces colours throughout your orthodontic treatment, but for hygiene reasons we will swap over these braces ties when you come in for your visits. Over time the braces colours can lose their elasticity (much like a normal rubber band does) which is another reason why we swap over the rubber ties. If these braces ties break, then your wire may pop out of the bracket.

Combining Braces Colours
You can combine your braces colours, based on your favourite colours or perhaps based on your favourite sporting team. Why not try red and green braces colours for Christmas or perhaps pink braces colours for Valentines day! If you have trouble choosing your braces colours, then rainbow braces may be for you!

Which braces colours will make my teeth look whiter?
Everybody’s teeth are a different shade. So it’s a good idea to hold different colours up to your teeth to see which colours make your teeth look whiter and which teeth make your teeth look more yellow. In general, we do find that darker braces colours can make your teeth look whiter. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid the pastel braces colours as there are some beautiful combinations that we have seen work for everyone. But if you are really after that increase in tooth brightness, then we think black coloured braces and hot pink are two great braces colour options to make you teeth stand out.

What about white or clear braces ties?
White braces ties are actually a colour we recommend avoiding because when you put a white tie on top of your teeth it can make your teeth look more yellow. So, if you are hoping to avoid having braces colours during treatment, then go for a silver colour tie which or in nicely with the wire or metal bracket.

How many braces colours are there?
With 24 braces colours to choose from at Gentle Touch Orthodontics, the colour combinations are almost endless so you’ll never be stuck for choice.

What happens if one of my braces colours comes off?
If your braces colour comes off, and the wire is bothering you, then pop a small amount of braces wax on top of your braces bracket. Give Gentle Touch a call if the wire continues to bother you and we’ll let you know if you need to come in for an appointment.

How do I get braces colours?
If you’re already in braces with Gentle Touch Orthodontics, then just let us know at your next appointment that you’d like to try out some new colours. If you’re thinking about orthodontic treatment, Dr Balya will be able to show you all of our braces colour options during your initial consultation.


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