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One of Adelaide’s top orthodontic practices, Gentle Touch Orthodontics specialises in the use of orthodontic braces to treat teeth alignment, gaps and bite issues such as an overbite or under bite. Dr Balya Sriram, our specialist orthodontist, has been treating patients with orthodontic braces for more than ten years. And has contributed to hundreds of local Adelaide smiles.

Given that we have two locations—in St. Clair and Rose Park—orthodontic therapy with braces is quick and easy for those in Norwood and the surrounding area.

Why Start Orthodontic Braces Treatment At Gentle Touch Orthodontics?

For many people, orthodontic treatment may be the most beneficial investment they make in their cosmetic and oral health. 

While orthodontic braces treatment is well known for its cosmetic improvements on the teeth, such as straightening teeth. There are several other key benefits of starting braces treatment, and why you should choose Gentle Touch Orthodontics as your orthodontist, such as: 

  1.  Braces Improve Oral Health: Orthodontic braces can help straighten teeth and correct misalignment. Doing this makes the process of brushing and flossing your teeth more effective. This can assist to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other difficulties with your oral health.
  2. Reducing Impairment: Orthodontic treatment with braces can help to correct functional issues such as difficulty biting or chewing, as well as speech impairments caused by tooth and misalignment.
  3. Reducing Tooth Damage: If you have misaligned teeth or a pronounced bite issue such as an overbite, you may be causing wear and tear on your teeth without realising it. Correcting your bite alignment, and straightening your teeth with braces, can help reduce this potential damage.

How Long Will Orthodontic Braces Treatment Take?

Every patient Dr Balya sees for orthodontic braces treatment is different. And their treatment time reflects that. In most cases, the amount of time your treatment takes depends on a few factors. Those being, your current oral health, the complexity of your case, and your adherence to attending routine checkups at the practice. On average, orthodontic treatment with braces will take anywhere from 12-24 months. However, if your case is complex, it may require more time. At your initial consultation, Dr Balya will provide you with a full treatment plan, so you understand how long your treatment is expected to be.

How Much Will Braces Treatment Cost?

Much like the duration of treatment varies, the cost of treatment will also vary. The cost is dependent on the length of treatment, and the type of treatment received.
At Gentle Touch Orthodontics, we segment our pricing into three sections, those being kids with baby teeth, minor orthodontics, and then complete orthodontics.
  • Kids with baby teeth (typically under 11) typically cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,600 for treatment, depending on the type of treatment they receive.
  • Minor orthodontics that focuses on minor cosmetic treatment such as closing gaps in the teeth will typically cost anywhere from $3,600-$6,400.
  • Complete orthodontics, which involves complex orthodontic work such as fixing bite issues and tooth alignment costs on average between $6,500 and $8,900

During your initial consultation, our team will provide you with a custom quote for your treatment, as well as inform you of the convenient payment plans we have available.

Starting Orthodontic Braces Treatment In Norwood Adelaide

Gentle Touch Orthodontics is one of Adelaide’s best orthodontic practices. We specialise in the use of orthodontic braces to repair tooth alignment, gaps, and bite abnormalities. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Adelaide, request a consultation with Dr. Balya Sriram, our specialist orthodontist, at one of our two convenient locations.


Gentle Touch Orthodontics Rose Park

32A Kensington Rd, Rose Park. Call: (08) 8333 0066

Gentle Touch Orthodontics St Clair

1/31 Post Parade, St Clair. Call: (08) 8332 0036

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