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Seeing an Orthodontist for Early Intervention

April 20, 2023

Have you looked in the mirror recently, and noticed small black triangles in between your teeth when you smile?

These small black triangles are called “open gingival embrasures”, and they are actually very common. In fact, over 65% of adults have them to some degree.

However, in some cases, these black triangles can be quite noticeable, and you may seek treatment to remove them, and achieve that Hollywood smile.

What Causes Black Triangles Between Teeth?

There can be many causes of black triangle between teeth. Some may be present all throughout your adult life, and others may arise due to orthodontic issues.

Common causes of these triangles include gum recession, bone loss, dental hygiene, triangular tooth shape and even orthodontic treatment!

When you consult with our specialist orthodontist, they will be able to advise you on what the likely cause of your black triangles is, and also provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to correct them.

How To Treat Black Triangles In Between Teeth

Black triangles in between teeth for many people are unsightly, and can impair confidence. Fixing this issue is typically two-fold in orthodontics. Often the cause of the gaps is too much space between the teeth. So your teeth may need to be realigned with either braces or clear aligner treatment.

In addition to this, our specialist orthodontist may also recommend a treatment method called ‘IPR’ or Interproximal reduction. IPR is the process of reducing very small amounts of enamel on the tooth. By doing so, it may allow your each tooth to align more flush next to each other, removing the black triangles.

Can Gentle Touch Orthodontics Fix My Black Triangles?

Yes! Our specialist orthodontist Dr Balya Sriram has years of experience in orthodontic treatment. In order to treat your black triangles, we recommend booking an initial consultation so Dr Sriram can best assess your orthodontic concerns, and create an appropriate treatment plan to best suit your needs and lifestyle


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