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An orthodontist’s guide to looking after your braces

Congratulations! You’ve gone through the consultation stage with your orthodontist in Adelaide, and have now had your new braces fitted. Whether you've gone for traditional metal braces or clear ceramic braces,  they will need to be looked after.  You need to look after your braces not only to make sure...

How to choose colours for your braces Choosing your braces colours makes braces look much more stylish plus it’s lots of fun. But how do you choose the best braces colour for you? We’ll talk through the main things to consider when choosing your braces colours Are braces colours just for metal braces?Braces colours aren’t just...

What is a retainer?

What is a retainer, why you need them after orthodontic treatment & the different types of retainer we have available for you. Watch to find out!

How do you floss with braces?

How do you floss with braces on? In this video, we show you how to floss with dental floss as well as use a pikster!